Is Finland Easy To Move To

Is Finland Easy to Move to?

Is Finland Easy to Move to?

Finland, often known for its high quality of life and well-functioning society, has become an attractive destination for individuals looking to relocate. With its stunning natural landscapes, excellent education system, and strong social support networks, Finland seems to offer a promising environment for those considering a move. However, moving to any new country involves several factors to consider, including visa regulations, job opportunities, and cultural integration. In this article, we will delve into the question: Is Finland easy to move to?

Background Information

Before exploring the ease of moving to Finland, let’s take a look at some important background information.

  • Finland is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe, bordered by Sweden, Norway, and Russia.
  • It has a population of around 5.5 million people and the official language is Finnish. However, English is widely spoken, especially among the younger generations.
  • Finland is often praised for its high standard of education, efficient healthcare system, and low levels of corruption.

Relevant Data

Let’s explore some relevant data that sheds light on the ease of moving to Finland.

  • According to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, Finland ranks 20th out of 190 countries in terms of the ease of starting a business, indicating favorable conditions for entrepreneurs.
  • The Finnish unemployment rate as of 2021 stands at around 7.1%, which is relatively low compared to many other European countries.
  • Finland consistently performs well in the World Happiness Report and is known for its strong social support networks.

Perspectives from Experts

Experts provide valuable insights into the ease of moving to Finland:

  • According to immigration lawyer Maria Virtanen, “Finland has a well-established immigration system that strives to attract talent from around the world. As long as the necessary visa requirements are met, moving to Finland can be relatively straightforward.”
  • Social integration expert Anna Kärkkäinen highlights the importance of learning the Finnish language for a smooth transition. She states, “While English is commonly spoken, learning Finnish can significantly enhance your ability to integrate into Finnish society and access more job opportunities.”

Insights and Analysis

Moving to Finland can offer numerous advantages, but it’s essential to consider certain challenges as well:

  • Language Barrier: Although English proficiency is high, not being fluent in Finnish may limit job prospects and social interactions.
  • Climate: Finland has long, harsh winters, which can be challenging for individuals accustomed to milder climates.
  • Cost of Living: Finland is known for its high cost of living, including housing, groceries, and entertainment. It’s crucial to plan finances accordingly.

Integration Assistance and Support

Moving to Finland is made easier through various integration support programs:

  • TE Services, the Finnish employment agency, offers guidance and support to immigrants seeking employment opportunities.
  • The Finnish Immigration Service provides information about visas, residence permits, and citizenship procedures, ensuring a smooth transition for immigrants.
  • Local communities and NGOs organize cultural integration programs to help newcomers adapt to Finnish society and connect with locals.

Housing and Accommodation

Finding suitable housing is crucial when moving to Finland:

  • The housing market in major Finnish cities, such as Helsinki, can be competitive. It’s advisable to start the search early or seek assistance from a real estate agent.
  • Renting an apartment typically requires a security deposit (1-3 months’ worth of rent) and proof of income.
  • If planning to buy property, it’s important to understand the local housing market, mortgage options, and legal requirements.

Job Opportunities

Finland offers various job opportunities, particularly in the technology and engineering sectors:

  • Technology companies, such as Nokia, Rovio Entertainment, and Supercell, have their headquarters in Finland, attracting skilled professionals from around the world.
  • The Finnish government actively encourages entrepreneurship and offers support for starting new businesses.
  • Proficiency in Finnish or Swedish can significantly increase job prospects in certain fields, such as public services and education.


Moving to Finland can be a rewarding experience, offering a high quality of life and numerous opportunities. While there are challenges to consider, with the right preparation and support, integrating into Finnish society and establishing a fulfilling life can be achievable. It’s essential to thoroughly research the requirements, seek expert advice, and be proactive in accessing integration programs to make the process as smooth as possible.

Solomon Weissman

Solomon C. Weissman is a historian, writer, and traveler who has focused his work on the history, culture, and people of Finland. He has traveled extensively throughout Finland and has written numerous articles and books about its fascinating history. He is dedicated to educating others about the unique culture of Finland and is committed to preserving its rich heritage for future generations.

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